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Charting New Paths: Lindsay’s Inspirational Journey Shared at Tiffin University

In a compelling presentation at Tiffin University, Lindsay, a distinguished 2017 MBA alumna and co-founder of Guerrilla Group, shared her entrepreneurial journey and insights in a talk titled “Pioneering Your Path”. This event, part of the university's ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world business experiences, offered students an invaluable glimpse into the realities of entrepreneurship, networking, and marketing.

From Classroom to Business Owner

Lindsay’s story is a testament to the power of education, experience, and the drive to succeed. Starting her career with over a decade of marketing experience, from an unpaid intern to a marketing manager, Lindsay highlighted her progression to becoming a co-founder of Guerrilla Group, a women-owned, full-service marketing firm established in the summer of 2021.

Her presentation outlined the crucial steps towards success, emphasizing the importance of networking, marketing, entrepreneurship, and the ability to adapt. Lindsay shared personal anecdotes and real-world experiences that have shaped her journey, making her story relatable and inspiring to the business students of Tiffin University.

Key Takeaways for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Networking: Lindsay stressed the importance of networking as a gateway to opportunities, advising students to leverage their experiences and connect with industry professionals digitally and in person. She shared how strategic networking and mentorship could be transformative in navigating one’s career path.

Marketing: The discussion on marketing revolved around the significance of personal branding and the need for consistency across platforms. Lindsay encouraged students to discover their unique selling propositions and create content that reflects their professional image and values.

Entrepreneurship: Lindsay likened the entrepreneurial journey to a roller coaster ride, full of thrills and unpredictability. She urged students to start small, learn from every experience, and build a supportive network to navigate the highs and lows of business ownership.

Adapting: Emphasizing adaptability, Lindsay presented it as a key trait for success in an ever-changing business landscape. She encouraged students to stay curious, remain flexible in their plans, and cultivate a growth mindset to thrive amidst change.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Lindsay's presentation, “Pioneering Your Path,” went beyond sharing her entrepreneurial journey; it served as a beacon of inspiration for Tiffin University students, encouraging them to embark on their paths with courage and resilience. Her story resonates with the spirit of Guerrilla Group's mission - to inspire transformation and growth in the digital age.

As the students of Tiffin University look to the future, Lindsay’s insights and experiences offer a roadmap to success in the business world, emphasizing the importance of passion, perseverance, and the courage to forge one’s path.


To delve deeper into Lindsay's presentation and gain more insights into the journey of entrepreneurship, you can access her full presentation here:

Tiffin University Senior Summit
Download PDF • 14.86MB

Guerrilla Group continues to embody the spirit of innovation and growth, serving as a shining example for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

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